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The Musings of an Eccentric Diva

Welcome to the Musings of an Eccentric Diva. My motto is: Giving Hollyweird movies the finger one movie at a time. Enter at your own risk (insert evil Vincent Price laughter here).

Friday, October 26, 2007

FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Portrait-Here We Go 1992

Another one of my early 90's faves. Portrait had two nice albums that were probably lost in the shuffle of all the other male R&B groups that were popping up at the time.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

RANDOM TEN: Movie Soundtracks

A great soundtrack can add a nice touch to a great movie or even help out a really crappy one. Here is a list of my all-time favorite soundtracks:

1. Saturday Night Fever

2. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery

3. Purple Rain

4. Superfly

5. Car Wash

6. Boyz In The Hood

7. Higher Learning

8. School Daze

9. Scream

10. Trainspotting


Friday, October 19, 2007


Halloween is approaching and my yearly tradition is to pick a day and watch all the horror films I can stand before either puking or falling asleep. Usually the cable television networks hold their own "Horrorfests" where they show horror movies over several days until Halloween night. If you are a true horror fan like myself, you have seen what they offer many times over. It's always the usual suspects, Carrie, Halloween, Child's Play, The Omen etc. Don't get me wrong, these are great horror classics but goddamn, how many times do we need to see them? Here I present to you some films that you may have never heard of but are great nonetheless. Being the horror aficionado I am, the list was hard to narrow down but here goes in no particular order:

1. Audition-
A lonely man gets more than he bargains for when he is introduced to a lovely young woman through a fake casting call. (in Japanese with subtitles)

2. High Tension-
A psychopath breaks into a home and wreaks havoc on a family. It is now up to Marie, who was a visitor in the home, to rescue the last surviving member.

.Blacula- Exactly what the title implies, a movie about a Black vampire. If you have never seen this Blaxploitation classic, give it a whirl...it's suprisingly very good.

Sleepaway Camp- Great 80's slasher flick about teens getting hacked up at a summer camp, and a little something *extra* added in to set it apart from the rest. heehee

5.Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer
- All I will say is this one is so frightening even I almost shut it off. Based on true events.

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FRIDAY FLASHBACK 2: Edge Of Seventeen-Stevie Nicks 1981

So nice I had to do it twice. A live version of Edge Of Seventeen. Stevie looks and sounds fabulous. I want the boots she's rocking in this video! She is my absolute favorite rock chick, hell I even try to dress like her. I got a couple of witchy-gypsy hookups in my closet (don't hate).


FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Tusk-Fleetwood Mac 1979

A favorite tune that is usually butchered by high school marching bands. Didn't know I was a big Fleetwood Mac fan huh? I'm also a fan of the band members solo projects as well, Stevie Nicks anyone?


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married" reigned supreme at the box office this weekend. This proves the power of the Black dollar. It's good to see a movie made by a Black director with an all-Black cast make the top slot on its opening weekend. Not only is it a Black movie, it's a Black movie with a positive message. I am not a big fan of Tyler Perry's preachy style, but I've seen all his other films and I probably will see this one eventually as well, and yeah, I will give my two cents about it on this blog lol. Hopefully this will spearhead a new movement of talented Black directors to bring their visions to light. Gone 'head Tyler wit yo bad self!

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Friday, October 12, 2007

FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Mantronix-Got To Have Your Love 1990

This is probably my absolute favorite song from the early 90's. The video features a pre-Groove Theory Bryce Wilson, he was once a member of Mantronix before hooking up with Amel Larrieux.


Monday, October 08, 2007


Caress has a new line of body washes called Exotic Oil Infusions. I tried the one posted above, Morrocan, and it is fabulous! The light scent is wonderful and it left my skin feeling really soft and refreshed. The texture of the product is so creamy, it could be used in place of shaving cream as well. The bottle is what initially grabbed my attention, so cute! They also have a Japanese scent which smells great too, I had a hard time deciding which one to buy. Pending they don't discontinue this product, I will be sticking with it. It's also a steal for around $4 a bottle. Now if I can only hide it from my daughter.....

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Friday, October 05, 2007

FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Falco-Rock Me Amadeus 1986

No one I knew had a clue what the hell Falco was saying and I'm sure none of us gave a damn, this was the JAM!!!


Thursday, October 04, 2007


Amherst legislator's school lecture starts with nude image
Thursday, October 04, 2007
Mark PuentePlain Dealer Reporter

Norwalk- A high school class expecting a lecture from a politician on how a bill becomes a law instead got an unexpected lesson in anatomy. An image of a topless woman appeared when State Rep. Matt Barrett inserted a memory stick into the computer and started his presentation Tuesday. Barrett, of Amherst, immediately stopped the presentation. "I have no idea where these came from," Barrett said. "It's an embarrassing situation." The State Highway Patrol later seized the school computer and the memory stick Barrett used. School officials said the images came from the memory stick, a thumb-sized device that carries digital files such as photos. The memory stick was a gift from a legislative liaison, Barrett said.

The memory stick contained the graphics for his presentation, Barrett said. The nude images were not there the day before when he plugged the stick into his home computer, he said.
Only a few of the 19 students at the presentation saw the images, said Wayne Babcanec, superintendent of Norwalk City Schools. Parents were notified but few were upset, Babcanec said. "I believe it was unintentional," he said. "[Barrett] was genuinely apologetic and embarrassed."

How stupid can you be? I guess he didn't think to proofread the contents of the memory drive before presenting to a group of kids. I bet Johnny Jerkoff knows exactly where those pics came from *skeet skeet*.

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Ladies, if you still have a pair of these in your closet, please deposit them into the nearest incinerator. That is all *drops microphone Randy Watson style*.



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