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The Musings of an Eccentric Diva

Welcome to the Musings of an Eccentric Diva. My motto is: Giving Hollyweird movies the finger one movie at a time. Enter at your own risk (insert evil Vincent Price laughter here).

Friday, September 29, 2006


One of the true pioneers in the art of Voguing passed away recently, Mr. Willie Ninja. I loved watching him perform, he was as flexible as a pretzel! I decided to post my favorite music video that featured him, Queen Latifah's Come Into My House. Queen was one of the first artists to feature voguing in a music video, most people credit Madonna (yuck) as being first but that's simply not true. Madonna's video just reached a wider audience. If you are not familiar with Mr. Ninja's work, you can see older footage of him in the documentary film Paris is Burning and in the more recent film How Do I Look which can be purchased at www.HowDoILooknyc.org. Both are truly great films. Rest in peace Willie Ninja, a true innovator.


FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM PART DEUX: Janet Jackson-Alright 1989

I am a Janet fan from waayyyy back. I loved her as an actress first, playing Penny on Good Times and later as Charlene on Diff'rent Strokes. I loved her as a singer from the moment she made her first appearance on American Bandstand singing Young Love. Janet Jackson has released a new CD and I have yet to buy it. I've heard mixed reviews but I'll buy it just because it's JANET. So far I like the two new singles that have been released. Alright was one of my favorite Janet videos because she danced her ass off and paid homage to old school entertainers. The video also features Heavy D, whom I was in love with at the time. Again, many try to emulate but none will ever top Janet in my book.


FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Remember The Time-Michael Jackson 1992

My Friday Flashback Jams will be in honor one of the most famous families of all time, the Jacksons. Regardless of all the negative press the family has received in the recent years, they will go down in history as one of the most talented families in entertainment history. Michael has sooo many great videos to choose from but I chose this one because it was one of his last great videos. I can remember being so excited when this video first aired. The video included a stellar cast of famous black entertainment personalities. Michael will always be the greatest dancer alive, with his sister Janet coming in at a close second. A lot of corny wanna-be's try to emulate Michael but none will ever leave behind an entertainment legacy like he has.


Thursday, September 28, 2006


No one realizes how much I heart this doggie. I have every other material possession that my money can buy EXCEPT for this little creature right here. Once I have him, my circle of life will be complete. I have a spouse, a girl child and a boy child...all I need is this doggie to make life complete for me. He's all I want for Christmas this year. Look at that face...how can anyone resist it? I'm hoping the right person will read this post (hint, hint) to know how dead serious I am about getting this hot piece of doggie ass for Christmas. I already have a name for him..his name will be Jack, the Jack Russell Terrier (original right?) or Jackie if it's a girl. Beggars can't be choosy now can they? I want my dog to look as closely as possible to the dog picture above. No bootleg knock-off thrift-store puppy for me. As Yvonne Elliman sang in the 70's, If I can't have you, I don't want nobody else.

OK OK, I'll settle for him too. Here I present to you Second Choice doggie:

Still a hot piece of doggie ass, but not as sexy as my Jack. He'll do in a pinch.


COOL 80's CHICK: Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet was boho-chic before it was cool. She had a style all her own and I really dug that about her. Lisa made thrift-store rags look fashionable. On the Cosby show she was Denise, the ultra-cool, aloof daughter of Bill Cosby's character Heathcliff Huxtable. She quickly shedded her good-girl image by appearing semi-nude in the then-controversial film Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke. Her part in the film led to termination from the Cosby Show but landed her the prime role in the Cosby Show spinoff, A Different World. Lisa was later terminated from that show as well. Lisa married and had a daughter with a then relatively unknown rocker named Lenny Kravitz. Lisa has since changed her name to Lilakoi Moon and still appears in film and tv. And yes, she is still repping that boho goddess vibe to the fullest.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

RANDOM RANT: No Homo????!!!???

I love to visit blogs. Hell I spend half my work day visiting blogs (shhh..don't tell my boss). One thing I've noticed in regards to the comment section of blogs is the phrase "no homo" written in parenthesis after a compliment is given to a celebrity. This phrase is used by both women and men commentators. I have read posts from men who will compliment a man on his shoes and put "no homo" behind it. What the hell is that about? Are people so afraid of being labeled gay that they need to make public declarations of heterosexuality from behind the computer screen? Who in the hell cares about your sexuality? I don't think people, gay or straight, visit blogs to make love connections so why would someone need to reassure people whom they have never met that they are heterosexual? Seems a little silly and immature to me. Why can't a compliment be given and it be just that? In 2006, we should be past all that shit, I guess some things never change. Maybe when I leave a comment on a blog I should put "no idiot" in parenthesis just so everyone knows I'm not an idiot. Fatwa "no homo's", it is written!


MOVIE REVIEW: Hard Candy 2005
The movie starts off with an inappropriate online chat conversation between an obviously adult man and a teenage girl. The chat is full of sexual innuendo and results in an arrangement to meet in person. The teenage girl arrives at the meeting place first. Once the man arrives we learn that the girl's name is Haley Stark (Ellen Page) and the man is Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson). Haley is a precocious, savvy 14 year old and Jeff is a charming 32 year old photographer. Once they meet, they leave the meeting place and go back to Jeff's home for a photo shoot. After conversation and drinks, the movie takes an even darker turn. Haley drugs Jeff and when he awakes, he finds himself bound to a chair. We find out that Haley's sole purpose for meeting Jeff is to punish him for being a suspected pedophile and maybe much worse. The roles are reversed and Haley the victim becomes Haley the vigilante. She commits many different acts of psychological and physical torture against Jeff. Haley has done much research on Jeff to ensure that her plans are carried out, so basically she's been stalking him. The rest of the film is a cat-and-mouse game where the more Jeff reveals about his past, the more Haley seems to get the upper hand. No more spoilers from me y'all.

All I can say about this film is WOW. This is an incredibly creepy and taut thriller. The entire film consists of dialogue between the two main characters with the exception of a short cameo appearance from Sandra Oh (Gray's Anatomy). That scene just seemed to be thrown in for good measure. While watching this film, I think you will side with one character..but never both. I sided with the male character and my companion sided with the female character. This movie will make you ponder whether Haley's character is an avenging angel or just another psychotic bitch. It will make you wonder if Jeff's character is an innocent victim or a freaking monster in disguise. I think that's exactly what the director was going for, a movie to make you "think"..... and he delivered. The minimalist approach to the scenery of the film worked, the set did not overwhelm and it allowed for the main characters personalities to fill the screen. Great camera work here as well, my photographer hottie would appreciate this. The actors were brilliant, I'd like to see more from both of them, especially Ellen Page. No nudity here and the most violent act in the movie is suggested and never shown. Even still, this movie may be hard to watch for some because of the overall theme.
All I can say is, R. Kelly..you are very lucky you didn't run into a "Haley Stark".

VERDICT: 3.5 Soul Claps


Tuesday, September 26, 2006


How do I fear office potluck parties...let me count thee ways. This coming Friday, my nightmare will be a reality. Oy vey, this is something I always dread. There's nothing worse than folks trying to shove their ghastly concoctions down your throat. Co-workers using other co-workers as guinea pigs to test out their latest science experiments..um...recipes. I try to be nice by telling the person that I've already eaten or that I'm on a special diet but even that doesn't work. The cooks will sit around and watch me like a bird stalking prey to make sure I taste their gobbledy-goop. The thought of eating strange foods cooked by even stranger folks makes the Nicole Ritchie Diet regimen seem really feasible for me, and believe me...I LOVE food! Not to mention the camaraderie that goes along with the potluck luncheon is just too much for me. To quote the late Ms. Greta Garbo," I want to be left alone". Maybe if I didn't work with such a large group it wouldn't be so bad. Large work groups mean many different personalities, some I dig..and some I don't. But overall, I generally like the people I work with it but it's hard to really care about any of them because of the large group environment. Well I won't go hungry that day... my boss is springing for pizza...Hooray!


Sunday, September 24, 2006


Recently DMX and Cam'Ron both have dissed Jay-Z for being seen in photos wearing sandals and flip flops. I wonder if the picture below had something to do with it? I'm just saying......

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Friday, September 22, 2006


Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, Puff The Magic Sampler had some great hits during the early to mid 90's. Flava In Ya Ear was THE club banger in 1994, no doubt about it. This song can still get people off their asses and on their feet to this day. The orginal cut of this song was fiyah, but the remix burned the house down.



This song was the catalyst that helped The Eccentric Diva bounce from a bad relationship the year it was released. Every time I hear this song I remember how I looked at the front door, closed it and never looked back. I would put Large Professor from Main Source on my top 10 list of the Greatest MC's of all time. Quality is more important to me than quantity....and this group certainly released quality material.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


With that taut, lean, sexy physique, boyish charm, and badass swagger that resonated through the screen, Bruce Lee had matinee idol status written all over him. There have been many other martial arts movie actors since his untimely death, but NONE will ever be loved as much as Bruce. Bruce Lee started his film career as a child actor in Hong Kong. He began taking martial arts classes in his teen years to thwart off bullies who targeted him because of his small frame. Bruce became a martial arts ,boxing, and dance champion in Hong Kong and decided to take his skills abroad. He returned to his birthplace, San Francisco (yes, he was born on US soil) to enroll into college and spread his knowledge and love of martial arts to eager Americans. During a karate demonstration he was discovered by a hairdresser from the set of the Batman TV series. This discovery led to his role as Kato on the TV series The Green Hornet. Disillusioned with the way his character was portrayed on television, Bruce went back to Hong Kong to make several successful action films. His popularity caught on in the States and a script was written for the big-budget Hollywood film Enter The Dragon. Sadly Bruce Lee had passed away before the film was released in 1973. He was only 33 years old. The film became an instant hit and solidified his status as a forever-young martial arts god.

Noteworthy Films:
Fists of Fury-1971
The Chinese Connection-1972
Enter The Dragon-1973
Return of The Dragon-1973
Game of Death-1978 (completed after his death)

film info courtesy of IMDB



I have a deep appreciation for people who live life to the fullest and without apology. Divine lived her life in such manner. Divine was born Harris Glenn Milstead in 1945 in a suburb of Baltimore, Maryland. Divine became the muse of filmmaker John Waters and starred in some of the most controversial and damn funny movies of the 70's. Divine's most popular movies are Pink Flamingos, Polyester, and Female Trouble. Divine even got to play dual roles in some films as both a man and a woman, too cool! She was also able to make her mark in the music world by recording several popular disco tracks. Divine made several film and TV appearances throughout the 80's but her most memorable role in the 80's was Edna Turnblad, the mother of teen heroine Tracy Turnblad in John Water's cult classic Hairspray. Hairspray has since been turned into a successful Broadway play and is being made into a big-budget Hollywood film with John Travolta filling Divine's shoes. In 1988, Divine was slated to take a major recurring role on Fox's hit TV show Married With Children as Uncle Otto when he sadly passed away of a heart attack in his sleep at age 43. Rest in peace Divine.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: The Warriors-1979

A summit of New York City's street gangs from all five boroughs is scheduled to take place in the Bronx. Cyrus (Roger Hill), the messaic leader of New York's largest gang The Riffs, announces that he wishes to unify all invited gangs to become one big powerful conglomerate. This idea angers some gang members, so much so that the leader of the vicious gang The Rogues, Luther (David Patrick Kelly) decides to shoot him. Luther places the blame on a nine member group called The Warriors. The key members of the Warriors are Swan (Michael Beck), the unofficial leader, Cochise (David White) the requisite "bad-ass" black guy....Ajax (James Remar), the ladies man..Rembrandt (Marcelino Sanchez)..the token Hispanic guy. Once the Warriors are aware that Cyrus' murder has been pinned on them, they must make their way back to their home turf, Coney Island. The trip home will not be easy, at any moment rival gangs emerge ready to avenge Cyrus' death. Each gang has a unique over-the-top look and a distinctive way of defending themselves. There is a gang on roller skates, a gang dressed in baseball attire with painted faces, an all-girl gang, a multi-racial Skinhead gang, and the list goes on. Every incident involving the Warriors is broadcasted by a radio DJ (the late great Lynn Thigpen) identified only by her bright red lips and smoky voice. To complicate matters more, members of the Warriors are killed, jailed, and eventually split into two groups. During one of the confrontation scenes a pretty, tough-talking chick(Deborah Van Valkenburgh) arrives to ruffles the feathers of the Warrior gang members. She is whisked away by the gang and joins them in their battle to return home. The final showdown takes place on the Warriors home turf. No more spoilers from me y'all!

This is the ultimate cult classic! You've got great music, great costumes, and great acting! The addition of the faceless radio DJ was totally on point. The fight sequences are more choreographed than the Joffrey Ballet, which added to the quirkiness of the film. The sheer outrageousness of each gang's attire.... no way in hell any real-life "tough" gang would wear such clothing and makeup...yes I said makeup. The closing song "In The City" by Joe Walsh is awesome. I love watching movies with gritty shots of New York before it was cleaned up and turned into the family theme park that it is today. The ending of this film does not disappoint and the dialogue of the film is pretty straight forward, no need to "read in between the lines" with this one. This movie can be found virtually anywhere, your local video store should have a copy. The DVD version of this film was released in 2005 and contains plenty of extras, including commentary from cast members and the director. Rockstar Games created a very cool video game for XBox and Playstation based on this film.

VERDICT: 3.5 Soul Claps


Tuesday, September 19, 2006


BET has failed the Black community. BET at one point, was the only televised outlet Blacks had to keep abreast of issues that effected their everyday lives and music that was important to them that went ignored on other networks. Over the years I watched BET go from being a beacon of hope to just another part of the problem. BET removed all news programming and informative shows from the network and in their place added more booty-shaking mamas and derogatory rap music segments. BET has recently launched BET J, formerly known as BET Jazz. I believe BET J was created to recapture part of BET's lost market, adults who would like to see programming with more depth. Not only does BET J feature jazz, they also feature undiscovered talents, non-mainstream artists and live performances. The channel showcases music and cultural programming from different parts of the world such as Africa and various regions of the Caribbean. BET J also airs old episodes of Video Soul for those of us who yearn to see Donnie Simpson on screen again! BET J has an informative program that deals with important issues facing the Black community titled My Two Cents. In addition to music and news, the channel has a segment where they showcase Black independent film shorts. In the fall the network will add two reality shows to their lineup which I'm not all that excited about, I've just about had it with reality shows. So far I'm loving BET J and I'm looking forward to seeing what more the channel will have to offer. If you would like to more information regarding the channel, please visit www.betj.com.


Monday, September 18, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Ali-Fear Eats The Soul 1974

The title screams horror movie but this is actually a love story.

Emmi Kurowski (Brigitte Mira), is a sixty-ish lonely,German widow who was once a part of the Nazi party. Emmi is actually a good-natured woman who only joined the Nazi's because she felt "that's what everyone else did at the time". Emmi's adult children want little to do with her and her only friends are her neighbors and co-workers. Emmi works as a cleaning woman in office buildings. One evening Emmi visits a bar that is patronized predominately by people of Moroccan descent. On a dare, Ali (El Hedi ben Salem) is challenged to ask Emmi for a dance. Ali takes on the challenge and Emmi accepts. Emmi learns that Ali is a Moroccan/Arab immigrant and earns his living by working as an auto mechanic. Ali walks Emmi home and she invites him in for a drink. The next morning Ali wakes up nude in Emmi's bed. Over the course of time they fall in love and decide to marry. Emmi's friends, family, and coworkers disapprove of her marrying the much younger, dark-skinned immigrant. The friends and neighbors go to great lengths to make the couple's life hell by calling the police when Ali invites some friends over, telling the landlord that Emmi has taken in a "border" etc... Emmi and Ali don't get many breaks outside of their apartment either, they are glared at and given poor service in a restaurant as well. Surpisingly the only people in the couple's lives who don't give them much grief are Ali's friends and coworker's. The family and friends only begin to warm to the idea of the couple being married when they figure out how they can benefit from Emmi and Ali. All of these issues begin to take a toll on Ali and he seeks comfort outside the home. This leads to a downward spiral in the relationship and also a decline in health for either Emmi or Ali..I won't tell any more. No more spoilers from me y'all!

The first time I watched this movie, it stayed on my mind for DAYS on end. In the initial viewing I had to wrap my mind around the fact that I was to believe these two people could be an actual couple. It wasn't so much the racial aspect of the characters, it was the physical attributes that took me by surprise. Emmi looks like any elderly woman you'd see shopping at the market, the kind that brings her own cart to the store. You can see the stark differences of appearances in the two lead characters in the photo above the review. I had to watch a second time to just enjoy the story without any prejudices. This is a very beautiful and very sad love story. It could serve as an analogy for many things. You could exchange the characters for two females or two males and have the same effect. I think that's exactly what the director was going for since he was a gay man and the man who played Ali was his real-life lover. Both lead actors did a great job with the sensitive subject matter. This movie is in German with subtitles. I was lucky enough to find this movie at my public library years ago but it is available through Netflix as well.



Sunday, September 17, 2006

COOL 70's DUDE: John Travolta

How many actors get to play not one but THREE iconic roles in one decade? Not many. John Travolta did just that by playing Vinny Barbarino (Welcome Back Kotter), Tony Manero (Saturday Night Fever), and Danny Zuko (Grease) all in the 1970's. On TV's Welcome Back Kotter he played Vinny, the leader of a gang called the Sweat Hogs who kept their wise-cracking teacher on his toes. In Saturday Night Fever he played Tony, the disco king who wanted to turn his overnight sensation into a legitimate career. In Grease, he played Danny, a bad boy who falls in love with the good girl over the course of the summer. In all three roles, he was so very sexy! John was able to make a great comebacks in the 80's with Urban Cowboy and again in the 90's with Pulp Fiction. Too bad for John the newer generation will be stuck with a less cooler image of him
looking like this. Nice going John (haha).


Friday, September 15, 2006

RANDOM VIDEO:The Ditty Bops- Your Head's Too Big

This is a shoutout to all know-it-all, pompous, stinking, conceited for no reason individuals in the world. I LOVE this! I love how they sing the lyrics with such sweet, innocent voices. Rock on Ditty Bops!



Mary Tyler Moore, or MTM as I refer to her, was a true icon for the changing modern woman of the 70's. She also changed the landscape of how working women were portrayed on tv, by earning her living as a producer instead of being someone's "Girl Friday". On her show she was portrayed as smart, single, independent, and cute. MTM was spunky and could handle her own as the sole woman working in the newsroom. Even though she was tough, she still had a sensitive side and wasn't afraid to show it. MTM and Rhoda, played by Valerie Harper, fashion choices on the show were on point, both ladies had great taste! I still copy their clothing styles to this day. Mary Tyler Moore will forever be a cool 70's chick and a fashion icon in my book.


FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Return of the Mack-Mark Morrison 1996

If your destiny is to be a one-hit wonder, make sure it's a really good song. This one delivers.


Thursday, September 14, 2006


In the opening sequence, Kate Miller (sexy Angie Dickinson looking FIERCE in all white )is paying a visit to a shrink's (Michael Caine) office. Mrs. Miller is seeing the doctor because she and her husband are experiencing sexual issues. After her appointment, Mrs. Miller decides to stroll over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to meet a friend. Instead she meets a handsome stranger and they leave together in a cab and go back to his place for some horizontal hokey-pokey. Until they reach the cab, no words are spoken between Mrs. Miller and the stranger, this was such a brilliant idea. They spend the entire afternoon making whoopee. While getting dressed, Mrs. Miller discovers a nasty surprise about her new lover (bwahahahaha) which sends her running out of the apartment. Once she reaches the elevator she discovers she LEFT HER WEDDING RING in the guy's apartment! When she goes back to retrieve it, a tall, blonde "woman" meets her in the elevator with a highly sharpened surprise. Lady of the night, Liz Blake (Nancy Allen) witnesses the murder of Mrs. Miller. Liz goes to the cops to report the murder but because of her questionable profession, they don't believe her at first, even suggesting that she may be a suspect. Liz meets Mrs. Miller's son Peter (Keith Gordon), a geeky genius, who is at the police station to report that his mom is missing. Peter and Liz band together to determine who was responsible for Mrs. Miller's murder. With the help of smart-aleck Detective Mancuso (Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue fame) they find out more information of the last known whereabouts of Mrs. Miller. They find a link to other murders involving Mrs. Miller's psychologist, Dr. Robert Elliot. Not only is the good doctor a sex therapist, he's also an expert in gender disorders. Dr. Elliot believes the killer may be one of his patients who wants to become a woman. The killer now focuses her attention to Liz, showing up at a moment's notice. Mrs. Miller's son Peter is usually around to play Captain Save A Ho for Liz. The final showdown involves a shower scene which will give you chills any time you see anyone wearing white nursing shoes. No more spoilers from me y'all.

This movie is one of the greatest murder mystery films of all time in my opinion. Despite the age of the film, it's still as slick and sharp as the day it was released. This is a highly stylized film, utilizing dream-like sequences and classical music effectively. Angie Dickinson was close to 50 years old when she made this film and yet she was so sexy, proof that older women can play roles meant for younger actresses. Nancy Allen, Michael Caine, Peter Gordon, and Dennis Franz all did great jobs with the sometimes tongue-in-cheek dialogue. The movie has comedic breaks to ease some of the tension. There is plenty of nudity in the unedited version of this film, especially from Ms. Dickinson's character. The blood and gore is minimal due to the fact that there are not many people being murdered in this film.

VERDICT: 3 1/2 Soul Claps


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Kenneth Winslow (Desmond Harrington) is a good looking but socially awkward technical writer of manuals. At work, he is constantly harassed by his ball-busting boss Novak (Rip Torn). Kenneth spends most of his free time spying on his kinky neighbor (The fabulous Udo Kier) and visiting porn huts. Enter Lisa Bellmer (Melissa Sagemiller), cute temp hired to work for the company. Too shy to ask Lisa on a date although she is clearly interested, he purchases an anatomically correct, life-sized, $10, 000 doll from an internet-based company which he names "Nikki". Within days, Kenneth swears Nikki is communicating with him, and she then begins to control his life. Nikki "teaches" Kenneth how to communicate with the opposite sex and this gives Kenneth the courage to talk to real-life Lisa. Lisa and Kenneth are paired up to work on a special assignment for the company and spend many long nights together. The assignment is a success and Kenneth makes certain that Lisa is credited as a collaborator. The success of the project results in Kenneth being promoted. It also sparks a romance between the flesh and blood Lisa and Kenneth. Synthetic Nikki becomes jealous of this new relationship. Things take a dark turn when Lisa discovers the doll and upon sight figures out that Nikki was created in her likeness (seems like a compliment to me). She of course wants nothing more to do with Kenneth and goes to great measures to ensure that he doesn't come near her again. This really starts the downward spiral of Kenneth's mental stability (as if he wasn't crazy enough). Here is where the movie turns from love drama to horror movie. No more spoilers from me y'all!

I was cruising the aisles at Hollywood video and stumbled across this film. The cover and synopsis were great so I decided to give it a try. I would classify this as horror but not until the very last half of the movie. This has a Texas Chainsaw Massacre style ending , so I would say not for the squeamish towards the end. Decent acting here from the entire cast, especially considering the absurd subject matter. For me any movie with Udo Kier is worth a peek at....he's one of my favorite creepy cult actors.

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I love children's films. Some of them are more entertaining than adult films. This happens to be one of my more recent favorites.

Professor Brody (Jeff Goldblum) is developing a top secret formula to rid humans of pet allergies. His time spent in his basement lab affects his family, especially his son Scotty (Alexander Brody). The family decides that Scotty could use a something to keep him company, enter adorable Lou the beagle (voiced by Tobey Macguire). Scotty initially rejects this cute lil creature (whatever, no one could resist this one). Lou is approached Shepherd dog Butch (voiced by Alec Baldwin). Butch is an agent for a top secret militia of dogs that protect the neighborhood and the world from eeevviiillll kitties. Humans are unaware that cats and dogs have been secretly battling for centuries right under their noses. Butch recruits Lou to protect the formula that Professor Brody is creating. The evil kitty organization is spearheaded by Mr. Tinkles (a deliciously evil Sean Hayes of Will & Grace fame). A beautiful Persian cat with a nasty attitude, his "gangsta-ness" is usually thwarted by the maid's attempt to dress him up in frilly garments. Timid minion Calico (Jon Lovitz) aids Mr. Tinkles in his mission to make all humans allergic to dogs thus sparring an extermination of the dog population. Pretty elaborate plot for a kid's movie huh? With the help of Sheepdog Sam (Michael Clarke Duncan), Saluki dog Ivey (Susan Sarandon), and Chinese Crested dog Peek (Joe Pantoliano), Lou and Butch fend off all sorts of sneak attacks from the feline villians. The best scene involves some kick-ass Siamese Kung-Fu cats (yessir). The cats kidnap the family and it is up to the dogs to rescue them. No more spoilers from me y'all, rent this flick and watch it with the kiddies in your life.

Cute family flick here. A lot of the comedy will fly right over most children's and some adults heads. The plot is a little "extra" for a kid's film but this big kid truly enjoyed it for what it was worth. Sean Hayes voices the role of Mr. Tinkles to perfection....he's pretty much a feline version of Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers series....mean as a rattlesnake, yet dumb as a doorknob. One of my favorite lines in the film is from the character Butch voiced by Alec Baldwin when he says "Son of my mother". Pure comedy, just don't try to explain it to the children lol. The special effects here are really good, one would really think cats and dogs could really talk hehe. Plenty of plot holes here but still good fun indeed.

VERDICT: 2 Soul Claps


Monday, September 11, 2006


I LOVE hair, whether it's straight, curly, natural, relaxed, weaved, or wigged out. The thing that baffles me the most about hair trends these days is the overinfatuation with Blondes. In entertainment, I've seen women and even sometimes men who were already beautiful go from a more natural-looking hair color to a highly unnatural looking blonde haircolor. There are very few people who can actually wear blonde hair. Your hair color should compliment your skin tone.Women of color should be especially wary of participating in the blonde trend, especially olive-tones....blonde has a tendency to give them the "washed out" effect. Not to mention if everyone else is blonde..where do you fit in? Where's the individuality? Don't get me wrong,there are plenty of women who have natural or color-treated blonde hair that look really fab...and then there are others who should be banned from ever purchasing a bottle of Ms. Clairol again (i.e. Lil Kim and Remy Ma). Some of the most beautiful women to me are natural red-heads and brunettes.
This woman is so gorgeous to me but you hardly ever read compliments regarding her looks, just her acting abilities. Every time I see a newly-blonde starlet I just roll my eyes and say to myself "Another one bites the dust".


Sunday, September 10, 2006


Growing up I was exposed to all sorts of music, and for that I am grateful. I tried to do the same for my children as well. One music genre that my children and I will be skipping is the Kidz Bop series. What marketing genius came up with the idea of dumbing down the latest top 10 pop tracks to make "kid-friendly" versions? Every time I see the commercials I howl with laughter! Even the kids in the commercials look bored out of their damn minds. What in the hot diggety hell is this crock o'shite all about? Chances are your kids are already aware these songs exist, why bother to buy a 'kid-friendly version of them? Not to mention some of the songs they choose are so "adult" in nature, the idea of turning them into a 'kid-friendly" version is ridiculous. Whatever happened to Row Row Row Your Boat or Mary Had a Little Lamb? Oh what joy it would be to catch my little girl dropping it like it's hot to a kid-version of "S.O.S" by Rhianna! A couple of my favorite Kidz Bop versions of pop songs are "One Thing" by Amerie, "Get Out" by JoJo, and "The First Cut Is The Deepest" by Sheryl Crow...WTF??!!?!? But oh let me not to forget to mention on Kidz Bop Gold Edition there is a version of the classic song "Teach Your Children" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash (ironic huh) guffaw, guffaw. The Kidz Bop series is further proof if Hell exists..we are all going with gasoline underwear and the Kidz Bop series creator will be waiting with lit matches. Check out the video link I've included, the children look like extras from Children of The Corn..just plain spooky!


Friday, September 08, 2006


In the opening sequence Goldie (Max Julien) and Slim (Richard "Muthafuckin" Pryor) are involved in a shootout. Both take off running when they hear sirens and Goldie is captured by the police. Returning home after a five year bid in the slammer, Goldie puts together a plan to become the biggest pimp in Oakland. He employs his old friend Slim (Richard "Muthafuckin" Pryor y'all) to help him out. He meets opposition to this corrupt lifestyle from his militant brother Olinga (Roger E. Mosely) and his mother (Juanita Moore of Imitation of Life fame). Olinga and his militant group are trying to rid the streets of Oakland of pimps, hookers and drug dealers. Goldie does not heed their warnings and with the help of Slim (Richard "Muthafuckin" Pryor y'all), he puts together the finest group of hookers Oakland has ever seen. Goldie's bottom chick LuLu (Carol Speed) also aids in the process of recruiting women for the stable. She was Goldie's first...um..lady and she's in charge of showing the new recruits "The Ropes". The Hooker Bootcamp sessions are too freaking funny. Not only are the hookers taught the tricks of the trade, they are also taught the fine art of "boosting", and are made to recite Goldie's "Laws".....best scenes in the movie I swear. Goldie becomes an overnight sensation in the streets wearing the finest "vines", has the flashiest ride, and even purchases a new home for Mom. He also becomes a ghetto Robin Hood by giving the local children cash as long as they promise to stay in school and not grow up to be like him. Like every good Blaxploitation movie, there are a set of racist cops always looming in the background ready to bust Goldie's chops at any second. Olinga approaches Goldie with the idea of forming an allegiance to rid the street of drug dealers and Goldie agrees. Of course all this new success makes Goldie the envy of rival pimps, especially Pretty Tony. Pretty Tony is angry at Goldie because he lured away one of his finest hookers. This creates a ripple effect that threatens to end Goldie's reign as The King of Oakland's Pimp Game. Will Goldie leave the pimp game? Will he meet his match in Pretty Tony? No more spoilers from me y'all, I want those who haven't seen it to enjoy it as much as I did.

Filmed entirely on the streets of Oakland, California, this film is as gritty and anti-Hollywood as you can get. The filmmakers needed permission from the real pimps who had the game on lock in Oakland at that time period, The Ward Brothers, to use their territory for filming. The Ward Brothers were also consultants for the film to create a realistic glimpse into the life of a pimp. This movie inspired many imitations but none were ever as great as this one. Max Julien's screen presence was awesome. He was smooth and cool with a voice like honey. Sexy personified baby. This movie is where you'll find the infamous "Player's Ball" scene that is often duplicated in rap videos, movies, and television (Martin). This is a definite must-see and a great video to add to any collection. The theme song for this movie "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" by Willie Hutch is a really cool track.

VERDICT: 4 Soul Claps


Thursday, September 07, 2006


My favorite season is Fall. Fall holds a special place in my heart for several reasons. First reason is the weather. Fall weather is perfect because the temperature is not too hot and not too cold. I love the way the leaves change colors and how beautiful they look laying on my front lawn. My second biggest reason is because Fall is the season to break out my boots. I LOVE boots! There is just something about getting a new pair that is almost orgasmic in nature for me. Taking those boots out of the box...zipping them up my leg....*fans myself*! I equate the feeling of wearing knee-high boots with the feeling of having a lover giving your calves a warm hug all day, it feels that good to me. I also wear ankle and calf boots but the knee-high ones are my favorites. I start shopping for my boots at the end of summer, so when the temperature drops, I'm ready. Boots are by far, my favorite shoes.



As I've stated before, The Eccentric Diva is a serious shoe fanatic. I'm getting better, I'm now down to buying maybe only three pair a month now compared to six or seven pair a month like I used to. I love all kinds of shoes...comfort plays a big part in the selection of my shoes. I LOVE heels or "heals" as my internet family likes to call them. But they must be comfortable BEFORE I leave the store, no ifs, ands, or buts. Most importantly, the heels must be a sensible height..no 5 inch stilletto's for me. I will at some point post pics of shoes I really dig. I also love flats, wedges, and platforms. But there is just a line I won't cross. I present to you CROC'S!

This has got to be the ugliest shoe ever in history! It has replaced the ever-present Birkenstock as the Uglay-Shoe Du Jour. And believe me when I say I'm a sucker for an unusual shoe, I mean it... but this one is the pits. Everyone wears these monstrosities. At first I thought they were meant to be worn by hospital workers but NO! I've seen them in malls, on children, and gasp....in the CLUB! I've seen entire families out at events wearing these plastic ass shoes....just quadrupling the fug. Who would create such an eyesore? Whoever is responsible is laughing all the way to the bank because I was shocked when I found out these ooglay ass shoes were selling for as much as $80! WTF???!!! I keep telling myself I'm in the wrong business, I wish I would've have came up with the idea to cut up wastebaskets and make shoes out of them.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


As much as I love a really good movie, I also love really bad movies too. There is a such thing as "good" bad movies. They are movies who's tastelessness knows no boundaries, the cheesiness of the film just draws you in. I would put this movie in the "So bad it's good" category.

Abby Williams(Carol Speed) is a good wife, good person and a pillar of her community and church. She and her husband Reverend Emmet Williams do double-duty as marriage counselors for the parishioners of their church. Rev. Emmet's father (Blacula's William Marshall) is a minister and an archeologist who travels to Nigeria and mistakenly releases the spirit of Nigerian love goddess Eshu. The spirit takes possession of his daughter-in-law's body. Once possessed, good girl Abby turns into a sex-crazed demon. She transforms while preparing to fry chicken (yes, it's that ridiculous). Abby scares a poor old White woman to death. Abby shows up and shows out in church during a choir session. In one hilarious scene, the seemingly "normal" Abby is giving marriage counseling to a young couple in her home when the demon takes hold of her...I damn near fell off the couch with laughter. Abby's husband and brother (Austin Stoker) decide enough is enough and put her ass into a mental hospital. Of course you can't hold a good demon down....she escapes and continues her reign of terror. Abby's father-in-law is flown in from Nigeria to perform an exorcism. The big showdown takes place in..you guessed it.....a freaking DISCO! It's the raggediest, rundown joint you'll ever see. That's all I'll share, no more spoiler's from me y'all!

The movie was snatched from the theaters due to a lawsuit by the makers of The Exorcist. They accused the makers of Abby of plagiarism. The movie was released to DVD only a couple of years ago due to the lawsuit issues. Once you've seen both movies, you'll see how ridiculous the accusations were. The only similarities are the main characters of both movies were possessed, and that is where the similarities end. Abby is an adult, Linda Blair's character was a child. Abby was HILARIOUS! The Exorcist was just scary as hell. Abby is certainly Blaxploitation at its finest. Believe it or not I first saw this movie in the theater as a little girl. It was scary as hell to me back then...that was because I didn't know any better haha. Looking at it through adult eyes changed my perspective on it. This is one utterly ridiculous movie, but funny as hell (no pun intended).

VERDICT: 2 1/2 Soul Claps


COOL 70'S CHICK: Tamara Dobson

At a towering 6 '2 inches tall, Tamara Dobson's screen presence was certainly demanding. Her height in addition to her magnificent fashion sense made her hard to miss. Tamara is best known for her roles in the Cleopatra Jones movie series. Prior to acting, Tamara was a successful runway model and also was featured in issues of Vogue Magazine. Her wardrobe was not to be played with, neither was her makeup game. She wore things other women DARED to wear, even in the outlandish fashion world of the 70's. This woman was soo gorgeous! A true chocolate goddess indeed. Unfortunately Tamara did not make any more films after 1984. She will always be loved and remembered as Cleopatra Jones, not a bad legacy if you ask me! I would love to know what Ms. Dobson is up to these days.

Fun Fact: Tamara was once listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest leading woman ever.


Fuzz (1972)

Cleopatra Jones and The Casino of Gold (1975)

Norman, Is That You? (1976)

Chained Heat (1983)

Film info courtesy of IMDB


Monday, September 04, 2006


Recently I watched interviews with two of my least favorite people in entertainment, Kanye West and P Diddy. These interviews got me thinking about what the real meaning of confidence is. I believe a truly confident person does not have to tell you how great they are....their body of work will speak for itself. I think I'd rather have someone tell me "I'll give it my best shot" versus saying "I know I can do this", therefore if they don't accomplish the job, I'm not overly disappointed. A truly confident person does not publicly embarrass others whom they feel they are superior to. A truly confident person does not bitch or whine when things do not go their way....they just make a vow within themselves to do better the next time. A truly confident person is never a sore loser but instead congratulates the winner and if they are disappointed, they will never show it. A truly confident person never brags about how much they pay for merchandise, they let the quality of the items speak for themselves. A truly confident person is never overly flashy or gaudy......you make the outfit, don't let the outfit make you.

A lot of people are lonely and sad because they let someone with these fake "swagger" (as the kids call it today) traits into their lives. If you meet anyone who possess these traits, I say "RUN for your damn life". These type of people are usually highly insecure and use these tactics as a coverup. They are usually too self-absorbed to love anyone else besides themselves. They will draw you into their madness and swallow you whole.


Sunday, September 03, 2006


My love for the fabulous Ms. Diahann Carroll knows no bounds (hence my screen name, Julia_Claudine_Deveraux). She is gorgeous, classy, ageless,and super-talented. Ms. Carroll's career spans 50 years, a true testament to her talent. I plan to pay proper homage to Ms Carroll in an upcoming post.

Claudine (Diahann Carroll) is a hard-working single mother of six living in a cramped New York City apartment. She makes her living by cleaning homes of rich folks and collecting welfare to help her make ends meet. Comedic moments ensue when the welfare worker makes periodic visits to the home and the family runs through the apartment hiding things such as an iron and various other common household items. Her bratty, mouthy children don't make Claudine's life any easier. She meets a kindly trash man Ruben (James Earl Jones) who heavily pursues her. Due to bad experiences with previous relationships, Claudine resists Ruben's advances but finally gives in. They quickly move from friendship to a serious relationship. Ruben proves to be a stand-up guy by asking Claudine to marry him but seems to be battling some demons of his own. In the interim of their love affair, two of Claudine's older children(Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and Tamu) undergo radical life changes that threaten the bond between Claudine and Ruben and Claudine's sanity. What are the radical life changes Claudine's older children go through? Will Claudine and Ruben marry? No more spoiler's from me y'all!

Awesome movie that depicts how the welfare system is designed to break down the family unit. This film was a departure from the normally glamorous roles Ms. Carroll was known for playing, but we all know you could dress her in a potato sack and she would still be fabulous. James Earl Jones' screen presence was so riveting, that voice alone commands your attention. A pre-Welcome Back Kotter Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs did a great job playing a young man who was so disillusioned with the "system" at an early age, he does the unthinkable. Again we have another phenomenal soundtrack produced by the late great Curtis Mayfield and sung by Gladys Knight and the Pips. If you don't have it, you should cop this one...you won't be sorry. Another noteworthy fact about this film: Ms. Carroll was nominated for Best Actress at both the Oscars and the Golden Globes...she won neither. Such a shame!

VERDICT: 4 Soul Claps


Filmed entirely on the streets of a pre-Disney owned Times Square, Pammy Pearl(Trini Alvarado) is a sheltered, depressed rich girl who's young widowed father is famous politician. Nikki Marotta (Robin Johnson) is a troubled, orphaned runaway living on the streets on New York. Nikki also happens to be a budding punk rock singer/guitarist. They meet for the first time in a psychiatric hospital, Nikki being placed there by the state...Pammy being placed there by her father. Nikki encourages Pammy to put her fears aside and escape from the hospital with her to live on the streets in the Big Apple. In the meantime, Pammy has been sending her poetry/cries for help to local radio DJ Johnny LaGuardia (Rocky Horror Picture Show's Tim Curry) who reads her letters over the air. Pammy's aka "Zombie Girl" letters instantly become a beacon of light for the misunderstood youth of NYC and this makes her sort of an underground star. Nikki teaches Pammy how to survive on the streets. They take up refuge in an abandoned building. The girls make a living by conning, begging, and Pammy dancing totally clothed in a strip club (yeah right huh) owned by Roberto (the late great Miguel Pinero). Pammy's distraught dad enlists the help of social workers and doctors to help him in the search for his missing daughter. The plot thickens when Pammy and Nikki, now going by the name of "The Sleaze Sisters", bombard the radio station and demand that their song be played live on air. This move turns the girls into a modern-day version of Bonnie and Clyde and kids all over NYC begin to act and dress exactly like them. They further solidify their "bad-girl" image by stealing TV sets and hurling them off tall buildings. At this point Pammy is missing her dad and would like to go home but is afraid of leaving the on the surface stronger Nikki alone. Pammy quickly finds out how unpredictable Nikki can be and she finally heads home. She returns to Times Square to find Nikki with her dad's blessing (smart move Dad). Pammy and Nikki then stage an outdoor concert in the heart of Times Square with the help of Johnny LaGuardia. Pammy does not perform because she knows Nikki is the real star and being a rock star was not her actual aspiration. The fans of The Sleaze Sisters venture out in droves wearing black garbage bags and black eye makeup in a show of solidarity to their sheros.

Great time capsule of a grittier NYC before the big cleanup to turn the city into the family friendly place it is known as today. Both young actors did a great job of the sometimes ridiculous plot of the film. Robin Johnson was awesome and so sexy as the boyish Nikki Marotta. I'm sure the original concept of the film was the two girls were lovers but no lesbian scenes were in the film (BOOO!!). It is alluded to but never played out. Poor editing jobs also plague the film. In the beginning of the film both characters had longer hair, towards the end of the film both girl's hair was much shorter. I'm sure those scenes were left on the cutting room floor (no pun intended). Another notable fact was the cameo by the late great co-creator of the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Miguel Pinero. But I must emphasize the genius of the soundtrack for this film. I was so blown away by the music for this film. Heavy hitters such as Roxy Music, The Ramones, Suzi Quattro, The Pretenders, The Talking Heads, Joe Jackson....WOW! This soundtrack totally kicks ass but was never re-released on cd (Fatwa!). It can be found on vinyl, but who in the Sam hell still has a record player? They should really consider a remaster of the soundtrack. Poor editing and no re-release of the soundtrack aside, I totally enjoyed this film!

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


Friday, September 01, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: MAMA, THERE'S A MAN IN YOUR BED 1988 (French working title, Romauld et Julliette)

I love foreign film. People across the pond are not afraid to experiment with different ideas. This movie has a very original concept.

Romauld (French movie star Daniel Auteil) is the CEO of a yogurt company. He is on top of the world...a great job, a beautiful wife AND girlfriend, and a really cool best friend, what more could a man ask for? His world starts to unravel when the press reports that people are becoming ill by eating his company's product. He is terminated from his job because of this. Romauld sneaks into his office to figure out who would want to sabotage him. While snooping around the office he meets Julliette(Firmine Richard), a Black cleaning woman who works after business hours in the building. This woman has worked in the building for years but Romauld was so self-absorbed, he never noticed her before. Juliette is aware of the plots to sabotage Romauld. She sits him down and spills the beans. Not only was his job at stake, his wife has been cheating on him and someone he knows very well has been embezzling money from the company. Juliette agrees to help Romauld land on his feet and a partnership is formed between the two. Romauld moves out of his lavish home and into Juliette's tiny, shabby apartment..i.e. the Projects as we call them in US. Juliette shares the apartment with her five children, all of whom have different fathers. Juliette has her own set of problems. Her oldest son is facing prison time and the fathers of the children are not doing much to help her out. Awkward moments ensue when the kids cuddle up with the White stranger in mom's bed. As they go on a quest to figure out who's out to get Roumauld..SURPRISE...they fall in love. Now the only way I can describe this love affair is for you to imagine Mel Gibson (young, hot Mel) with Esther Rolle(Florida) from Good Times. The lovemaking scene is a sight to be seen! I loved the two characters of this film. Juliette was a loving, caring, understanding woman who had been dealt a bad hand of cards in life. Romauld is a self-centered, pompous ass who learns many valuable lessons from someone whom he would've never thought twice about had he not stood to lose everything he worked hard for. No spoilers from me y'all..you'll have to hunt high and low for this one.

Cute date movie here! The ending is predictable but aren't most of them? I believe the writer's intention for this film was to show that love can defy class, color, and general standards of beauty. This film is very rare and hard to find as it was never reformatted for DVD. I actually own this on videotape. At one point there was talk of remaking this film with Richard Dreyfuss in the lead role....thank goodness they didn't. Hollywood would have casted a thinner, younger, and lighter-skinned actress for the role of Juliette. That would have defeated the purpose of the message. This is a French film with subtitles. I would suggest maybe trying your local Hollywood or Blockbuster video or your public library for this film. Amazon also carries it but most are used copies with some costing as much as $69.99!

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps



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