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The Musings of an Eccentric Diva

Welcome to the Musings of an Eccentric Diva. My motto is: Giving Hollyweird movies the finger one movie at a time. Enter at your own risk (insert evil Vincent Price laughter here).

Friday, December 29, 2006

FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Prodigy- Breathe 1996

This video is awesome. The spooky imagery of the video matched the song really well. I was a Prodigy fan long before they became MTV darlings. Once a group goes mainstream, they go from sugar to shit, producing garbage for the masses. This song was from the last of the great Prodigy albums.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Tamara 2005

Tamara (Jenny Dewan) is a shy, unattractive *cough* teen that is ridiculed by her fellow students. Her home life is no better, her mother took off years ago and she is stuck living with her drunken, abusive father. Tamara uses witchcraft as an escape vehicle. To make matters more complicated, Tamara has a crush on her English teacher, Mr. Natoly (Matthew Marsden). Mr. Natoly believes Tamara is a very bright girl and publishes her story of student athletes using steroids in the school paper. Because of this, jocks Patrick (Gil Hacohen)and Shawn (Bryan Clark) are forced to take drug tests by their coach. The boys set a plan in motion to make Tamara pay for writing the story. With the help of Shawn's girlfriend Kisha (Melissa Elias) and school geek Roger (Marc Devigne), they plan to record an interlude at a motel between Tamara and "Mr. Natoly"...which is actually Shawn wielding a video camera. Once Tamara is aware that she was set up, she fights her tormentors and is accidentally killed. The crew decides to bury her body and keep it on the hush. The supposedly dead Tamara shows up at school looking sexier than ever and this is when the fun really begins. No more spoilers from me y'all!

I find it hilarious that folks still feel the need to make "ugly girl" revenge films. Usually the "ugly girl" is just a pretty woman with a fucked up hairstyle, dowdy clothes, and glasses. In real life, the ugly girl stays ugly and either deals with it or gets extensive plastic surgery if she can afford it. Overall this film was not bad, it is reminiscent of countless other teen outcast films such as Carrie and May. The acting was decent, Jenny Dewan did a good job of displaying evil tendencies without overacting. The ending was pretty lame, I was expected more but it seems like the writers just ran out clever ideas. With the exception of one scene, the gore was pretty tame IMO. Suprisingly, there is no nudity in this film but there is strong language.

VERDICT: 2.5 Soul Claps


MOVIE REVIEW: Fat Girl! 2001

French teen sisters Anais (Anais Reboux) and Elena (Roxane Mesquida) are on summer vacation with their parents. Twelve year old Anais is an overweight girl with very low self esteem who uses food for comfort. Fifteen year old Elena is slim, beautiful and outgoing and she makes sure that she reminds her sister of that throughout the film. Anais fantasizes about male suitors whereas Elena actually receives males attention. While taking a walk, the girls meet Fernando (Libero De Rienzo), a much older college student. He is instantly attracted to Elena and is invited to their home to meet the girls' parents. While the parents sleep, Elena sneaks Fernando into her room that she shares with Anais. Fernando uses every trick in the book to persuade Elena to sleep with him. Elena is determined to hold onto her virginity until she's sure the he loves her. Poor Anais sees and hears the entire exchange. During their next meeting, Fernando gives Elena an expensive ring to prove his love. Against the pleadings of Anais, Elena gives up the goods. What are the consequences of this act? No more spoiler's from me y'all!

Oh boy, another doozy of a film. Folks, I'll simply tell ya, this film had sooooo much graphic sex, I found it a little uncomfortable. Mainly because the girl in question was supposed to be, probably was, and LOOKED fifteen. In addition, I know for a fact that Anais Reboux was really twelve. The film depicted full frontal nudity of both girls. I understand that the French have a different mindset regarding nudity but it was certainly a shock for these "seasoned" eyes. In defense of the film, I felt that what took place was very realistic and pulled no punches. Most women remember the experience of a guy trying to coax them into sex before they are ready, I certainly do. Another great point of the film is the relationship of the sisters. Even though the older sister shits on the younger girl an awful lot, you get to see the loving side of their relationship as well. I am an only child so it always fascinates me to see the relationship dynamics between siblings. I must say that sisters like Elena make me glad I was an only child..what a bitch! The parents are no better, they did nothing to protect her. The ending was like WHOA!!! It is so totally unexpected that I screamed out loud. The film sets you up to believe that it will end one way and then you're totally blindsided. I ask that if you plan to rent this, please do yourself a favor and don't read any spoilers regarding the ending. I want you to be as surprised as I was when I saw it. I thought about this film for two days, wondering how it all made sense. I have two conclusions but I won't share them here. If anyone watches this, please hit me up at
divastyle1@yahoo.com so we can discuss. It would be greatly appreciated. Please don't look for this in your local Blockbuster, this is unrated and banned in several countries. This film is in French with English subtitles.

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

THE GODFATHER OF SOUL HAS BEEN CALLED HOMEJames Brown may not have been the most handsome or articulate man in the world but NO ONE with the exception of Otis Redding, could match his pure raw emotion and energy. Just look at old footage and watch his footwork, remarkable! I've never seen anyone move as fast as that man could, even in his golden years he was still a hard act to follow. The raw funk his music exuded was amazing. They called it funk for a reason, when you hear it your face instantly frowns up like you smell something "funky". That is always my reaction when I hear "Get Up Off That Thang", "The Payback", "The Funky Drummer", and many of his other classics. The media is a trip I swear. Upon the announcement of his death, the first thing they brought up was "drug user" and "prison time"and showed footage of his arrests and mugshots. Yes, I know James was no saint but are any of us? I'd like to remember the music immediately after his passing, not the misdeeds. James went out the way I hope to, he rode it until the wheels fell off. Rest in peace Godfather of Soul, this eccentric diva will certainly miss you.


Friday, December 22, 2006

FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Christmas Rappin'-Kurtis Blow 1982

One of the things I'm grateful for this year is the web site You Tube *smirk*. I have found things that I've never seen and things I thought I'd never see again. Here is a short clip of fine ass Kurtis Blow performing my favorite holiday jam, Christmas Rappin'. Happy Holidays to all!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Inside Man 2006

A New York city bank is under siege by a mastermind named Russell Dalton (Clive Owen) and his gang. They gained entry into the bank by wearing painter's coveralls. The gang has taken the bank's employees and customers hostage and have warned police to stay back or else people will die. They force the hostages to strip down to their underwear and gives each of them a pair of the same coveralls they are wearing. Detectives Keith Frazier (Denzel *Muthafu$#@* Washington) and Bill Mitchell (Chiwetel Ejiofor) are dispatched to the scene. One by one hostages are released. We soon learn that money is not the motive for this robbery. There is obviously something else inside the bank that is worth more to the gang. The situation gets more complicated when the chairman of the bank, Arthur Case (Christopher Plummer), is alerted of the situation. Mr.Case has something tucked away in a safety deposit box that he does not want anyone to discover. He contacts Madeline White (Jodie Foster) to help him retrieve the secret items from the robbers. Madeline is paid to go into the bank and negotiate with the robbers. Madeline also discovers a dark cloud hanging over Detective Frazier's head that she attempts to use to manipulate him as well. Once all the players are in place, it is up to Detective Frazier to put all the pieces together. No more spoilers from me y'all.

This was an interesting departure from Spike Lee's original film style. I commend him for going out on a limb. For the most part, this film was great. You have to pay close attention to this in order to "get it". Part of it still confuses me. This is a more sophisticated robbery film than the standard "shoot em up". The characters were complex and well executed. Denzel is always great, he has yet to do a bad job in a film, even if the subject matter isn't up to par. Jodie Foster blew me away, she was cold as ice and very sexy in this film. I'm not used to seeing her play this type of character but she aced it! Clive Owen was also a delight as the arrogant Dalton Russell, he's another actor that I expect to do great things in the future. There were many plot twists and never any dull moments. Spike threw in many personal touches that he uses in most of his films such as the moving sidewalk. He also included his usual racial overtones in the film and touched on some post-911 topics. This probably had to be the most non-violent bank heist film I've ever seen but it is heavy on the foul language.

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


MOVIE REVIEW: Kinky Boots 2005

Charlie Price (Joel Edgerton) returns to his hometown of Northhampton to run his family's shoe factory after his father's death. When he looks through the ledgers, he discovers the factory is in financial ruin. Charlie feels that his only choice is to lay off some of the workers. Lauren (Sarah-Jane Potts), one of the workers set to be laid off, tells Charlie that he should shift the focus of the business, keep the workers and the factory open. The Price factory has been making the same shoe for many years and Lauren feels it is time for a fresh approach. While in Soho one evening, Charlie spots several guys roughing up a "woman". He attempts to help her and is accidentally hit on the head with a shiny red boot. When he wakes up he discovers he is backstage at drag bar. Drag queen Lola/Simon (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is preparing for his show and tells Charlie that it was he who accidentally hit him with his boot, and that he broke the heel in the process. Lola also informs Charlie that he has trouble finding boots that fit properly. Charlie's creative wheels begin to spin and he persuades Lola/Simon to help him design a line of sexy boots that are sturdy enough to hold the weight of a man. Meanwhile, Charlie's fiancee (Jemima Rooper) is trying to persuade him into selling the business to a contractor who wants to turn the factory into condos. Will Lola save the day or will Price Shoes go out of business? No more spoilers from y'all!

Yay for the magical Black drag queen! Although I have a problem with the whole "Magical Negro" concept, Kinky Boots was a really entertaining flick. It starts off a little slow but it picks up once Lola arrives on the scene. Chiwetel Ejiofor is such a great actor. I first discovered his talents in Dirty Pretty Things and I've been a fan ever since. He doesn't disappoint here either, his performance of Lola/Simon was brilliant. Not once did I feel like the performance was derogatory to the LBGT community. Lola's production numbers rock! The shows are splashy, campy, and over the top...just how I like my drag shows. The only problem I did have with the film is the desexualization of Lola, but that's a common thing with "Magical Negro" films. The Magical Negro can never have a love interest of their own, they are there only to ensure the White counterparts in the film are happy. Let me get off my soapbox. The directors were able to pull this off with very mild language and no nudity. I believe this film was meant to be a moralistic tale of acceptance and perserverance and it is done effectively without coming across as being too heavy-handed. From what I understand, this film was based on a true story but the outcome is slightly different from the film.

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

RANDOM RANT- Stylin' and Profilin' in the Free Food Line

Alright I told myself I wouldn't become one of those angry bloggers who do nothing but bitch and moan in every post. That shit annoys me but if that's your choice, knock yourself out. But sometimes, there are things that are sooooooo aggravating to me, I need to get it off my chest.

Yesterday morning while watching my local news program, one of the top stories was that our mayor passed out food baskets to needy families for the upcoming holiday. Why were there some sistas grinning in the camera with fresh QUICKWEAVES and ROCAWEAR JACKETS receiving free food???? If you can afford designer jackets and visits to the hair salon, you can afford to buy food! I know my salon charges $65 and up for that procedure and those Rocawear jackets cost over $100. Shit made me mad! They were smiling as if it were something to be proud of. Now don't get me wrong, everyone falls on hard times so I am in no way condemning anyone for seeking help. If my kids were hungry and I had no other resources, you better believe I'd stand in line for free food. I'll give the sistas the benefit of the doubt by saying "Maybe a friend did their hair". But even if that were the case, the money you spent on hair could have went towards food. There is no excuse for that. Those donations could have went to a family that was truly in need. Why would someone take advantage of that? I would feel so bad if I received something for free that I truly didn't need knowing that there are others who do need it. FATWA Weavy Wonders, it is written!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: House On The Edge Of The Park-1980
Grease monkey Alex (David Hess) and his semi-retarded buddy Ricky (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) are preparing to boogie the night away at the local disco. Before they can leave, a car pulls into the garage. Snooty yuppies Tom (Christian Borromeo) and Lisa (Annie Belle) are having car trouble and they ask Alex and Ricky for help. Alex refuses and it is Ricky who fixes the car. Tom and Lisa informs the dynamic duo that they are on their way to a party. Alex and Ricky decide to invite themselves and they are on their way. Once they arrive at the party, they are greeted by the other guests; Howard(Gabriele Di Giulio), Gloria (Lorainne De Selle), and Glenda(Marie Claude Joseph)-a beautiful, bald sista affectionately referred to by Alex as "Roots" (whaaat). Ricky starts to dance wildy with Gloria while the other guests cheer them on. Alex informs Ricky that the guests are making fun of him but Ricky continues to dance. Alex is led away by Lisa, where she taunts him sexually but then leaves him cold TWICE. Alex returns to the party scene where a game of poker is taking place. He realizes that the players are cheating poor Ricky out of his money. This is the straw that breaks the camel's (No Jay-Z) back for Alex. He pulls out his straight-razor and takes the partygoers hostage. Alex's reign of terror includes slashing, rape, beatings, and psychological torture. A reluctant Ricky obeys with just about every demand his "master" makes. Will the partygoers survive the night of terror or will each of them meet their maker? No more spoilers from me y'all!

Oy vey! Overall you have a pretty good film here. This is listed as a horror flick but I would consider this more of a psychological thriller. The body count is low and there is very little blood. This film is no where near as brutal as others reviewers made it out to be or maybe I'm just jaded. Another great point is there are really no good or bad guys, with the exception of Ricky, I generally didn't feel sorry for any of the characters. David Hess played a highly convincing sociopath..hell I'd be scared if I ever ran into his ass. All the actors were pleasant to look at, including ol Alex himself. Too bad the beautiful bald sista Marie Claude Joseph didn't make any more films. The nudity and sex scenes were a bit much, and believe me, I LOVE seeing some nekkid bodies. The scenes felt out of place and seemed to be used as filler; nudity is awesome if it makes sense. The tension in the film was great, many times I wanted to jump into the screen and just snatch the damn razor away from Alex myself. The house where the majority of the film was shot is gorgeous, straight 80's chic. A killer twist ending wraps this film up very nicely.

*Note to self, do not extend party invitations to a strange mechanic and his doofus pal*

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


Friday, December 15, 2006

FRIDAY FLASHBACK JAM: Chris Rock-No Sex 1999

This video was hilarious! Chris Rock keeps me in stitches and I am anticipating his next stand-up special. This video also features my baby, the late Gerald Levert, looking as handsome as ever.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Sugar Hill- 1974

Nope, this ain't the Wesley Snipes movie from the early 90's. This here is a Black HORROR film!

Dianne "Sugar" Hill (Marki Bey) and her boyfriend Langston (Larry B. Johnson) run Club Haiti, a successful voodoo-themed nightclub. The overly flamboyant Fabulous (Charles Robinson) and his low-rent thugs, hired by crooked businessman Morgan (Robert Quarry), pay a visit to the club to attempt strong-arming Sugar and Langston into selling their business. Of course, they refuse. Langston leaves the club alone that evening and is ambushed by the thugs and killed. Sugar is devastated and her ex-boyfriend cop Valentine comes to her aid and vows to find the killers. Oh, but this is not enough for sexy Sugar, she wants to make certain the killers PAY with their lives. She returns to her roots and seeks the help of high voodoo priestess Mama Maitresse (Zara Cully). When Mama Maitresse is certain that Sugar's faith in voodoo is strong enough, she sends her to meet with Baron Samedi (Don Pedro Colley), the "leader" of the zombie graveyard. Sugar offers her soul as payment but the Baron is more interested in making Sugar his woman. Sugar and Baron begin with the task at hand but the zombie killers are leaving clues behind that cause Valentine to become suspicious. Will Sugar get her revenge or will Valentine stop her before the task is completed. Will Sugar end up as The Baron's zombie bottom bitch? No more spoilers from me y'all!

This film rocks! Marki Bey was certainly a gorgeous woman. Handsome Richard Lawson appeared in many 70's Blaxploitation films. Don Pedro Colley as Baron Samedi was creepy and convincing. Zara Culley is best remembered as George's sassy mom from the TV show "The Jeffersons". This was a great example of Blaxploitation done right. The costumes were fab and over the top, especially Marki's frequent wig and clothing changes. This film mixed horror and humor effectively. With the subject matter at hand, they were smart not to attempt to make an ultra-serious film. I won't criticize the cinematography because I'm sure this film was shot with very limited resources but it doesn't look "cheap". The ending is certainly no disappointment either. Great campy classic, rent and enjoy!

VERDICT: 3.5 Soul Claps


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Alucarda-1975
A young woman gives birth to a child and hands the baby girl over to a witch to deliver to a convent to be raised by nuns. Soon afterwards, the young woman is overcome by some unknown force and killed. Years later a young "girl" named Justine (Susan Kamini) is orphaned and sent to live in the same convent. Justine meets Alucarda(Tina Romero), the baby who is now a young "girl", presumably the same age as Justine. Alucarda is now a strange, Gothic-looking chick with long dark hair and dressed in all black. The two girls quickly become friends and much more. While taking a romp in the woods, they encounter a hunch-back gypsy (Claudio Brook) who looks a hell of a lot like The King from the Burger King commercials, but scarier (if possible). The gypsy leads the girls to his caravan where a ritual/orgy is taking place. The girls flee and end up in a strange tomb where they encounter a coffin. Alucarda opens the coffin and some unseen evil force is released, possessing both girls. Seeing the change in the two girls, the nuns decide to perform an exorcism to rid the girls of the evil spirits. Will exorcism save Justine and Alucarda or are they doomed to hell? No more spoilers from me y'all!

I must say that I barely made it through this film. It was so ridiculous, I contemplated turning it off many times. I kept watching just to see if the film would get any worse. I found myself laughing at things that were supposed to be frightening. Most of the film was just plain fucking weird..and believe me, I dig weird stuff. I couldn't understand why they had women who looked to be pushing 30 playing "orphans" and why the nuns were dressed in what appeared to be bloody rags. There was a lot of unnecessary screaming in this film too, I heard the name A-L-U-C-A-R-D-A! yelled so many times, I thought my ears would bleed. The gypsy/Burger King was too damn funny, the director needs to sue Burger King for copyright infringement. I also could not understand why they named the film and character Alucarda, the name is clearly "Dracula" spelled backwards. There were no vampire elements in this film except for one scene where someone is bitten.There is plenty of nudity and 70's unshaved pubes in this film. I was hoping for some hot girl-on-girl action but even that part was pretty dull and lame.The ending picks up a bit but overall this was a big disappointment. For this and the gypsy/Burger King, I won't totally pan this film.

VERDICT: 1 Soul Clap


Monday, December 11, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Five on the Black Hand Side 1973

The Brooks family is preparing for the upcoming wedding of only daughter Gail (Bonnie Banfield). Gail and her fiance' Marvin (Carl Franklin) have decided they will buck tradition and have an African-themed wedding, much to her parent's disapproval. Mrs. Brooks (Clarice Taylor) is having an epiphany of her own because of her husband's old-fashioned ways. He refers to her as "Mrs. Brooks", refuses to let her change her hair and will not let her hold a job. Mr. Brooks (Leonard Jackson) is a very uptight cat in every respect, preferring to wear suits every day to his job as a barber. Mrs. Brooks, with help from her modern girlfriends, plans a "protest" against her husband until he compromises. Meanwhile the Brooks' brothers are having their own crisis. The eldest brother Booker T. feels that he no longer relates to Black women and announces to his family that he will date White women only. This is horrible news to his pro-Black younger brother Gideon (Glynn Turman). Gideon is a militant young man who lives on the family's roof, talks back to his parents, and has not yet figured out what his life goals are. All the family pressure is very upsetting to daughter Gail. Will Gail cancel her big day or will she and Marvin continue with their African fantasy wedding? No more spoilers from me y'all!

This film was a great departure from the Blaxploitation that was a major part of the 70's Black movie experience. It depicts a strong Black family dealing with issues that were relevant at that time period. Several Black actors who later became famous for other roles graced this film, Clarice Taylor from the Cosby Show, Glynn Turman of A Different World, and Ja'Net DuBois, who was later Wilona of Good Times. Carl Franklin who played the role of Marvin went on to direct two Denzel Washington films, Devil In a Blue Dress and Out of Time respectively. Leonard Jackson, who played the role of Mr. Brooks was hilarious! His facial expressions were priceless..he reminded me of William Powell's character in the film Life With Father. The scenes from Mr. Brooks' barbershop are great as well. The patrons are a hoot, especially the pimp who has some of the funniest lines in the movie. This film is a great time capsule of the 1970's and a great film to watch with the entire family.

VERDICT: 4 Soul Claps


Friday, December 08, 2006


It would be really hard to pinpoint which Stevie song is my favorite. Every time I think I've nailed it down, another song pops into my head. I think I can say with some certainty this is one of my favorite Stevie dance jams. This video is awesome! It also features the great Dizzy Gillespie doing what he did so well. Check out the zesty dude with the fan in the club scene, I betcha Stevie didn't OK that! haha



This was a great song for the summer of 1995. Too bad this was homeboy's only hit. Again I say if you are going to be a one-hit wonder, make it a really good one. The Forest Gump parody at the beginning of the video was hilarious!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

RANDOM RANT: Workplace Baddie-The Touchy Feely Guy

OK y’all, The Eccentric Diva has a slight problem. There is a fellow in my office that is too “affectionate”. We used to have offices right next to each other and he would to come into my domain to chat and offer me sweets DAMN NEAR all day! Since our job has relocated to a new facility, his office is clear on the other side of the room and believe me, our floor is rather large. When we first moved, he would come over to my office, throw his arms around my neck every day and whimper “I miss you”. Since that has gotten old, he now comes to my office, touches my shoulder and walks away. Don’t get me wrong, the Eccentric Diva is a highly affectionate person, but only with people that I know and would welcome my touches and vice versa. Every time this man comes near me I cringe with anticipation of another “touch”. One day he was even bold enough to kiss my cheek! I actually like this guy, he’s a rather nice fellow but I don’t want him touching me all damn day. I assume he may be a bit lonely because he’s divorced but that ain’t my problem. Not to mention he’s a bit of a “loose cannon”, the day he comes into the office wearing a trench coat and carrying a duffel bag, I’m running the hell out of here. I hate to see the guy get fired for sexual harassment because he’s never been overtly “sexual” but I want it to stop. How would you handle it?


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

COOL 80's CHICK: Ola Ray

From the moment I saw her face on the Classy Curl box, I knew that would not be the end of the road for this lady. The next time I saw her she was co-starring in the “Thriller” video with Michael Jackson. Beautiful, sassy, and looking 80’s chic, Ola Ray was the chick to envy, I know I would’ve KILLED to be next to Michael back then. I totally wanted to own that jean outfit she rocked in the video. It is rumored that Ola got her start in porno movies, I certainly wish I knew which ones. It is true however, that she was Playboy Magazine’s Playmate of the Month in June 1980. Before and after the Thriller video, Ola had small parts in several big budget films such as Beverly Hills Cop II, 10 to Midnight (a great film), and Fear City. I last saw Ola on an episode of VH1-‘s “I Love The 80’s” show and she still looked great! Ola Ray resides in Sacramento, CA and is currently looking to revive her singing career.

UPDATE 12/8/06: I have found a video of the original Classy Curl commercial with Ola Ray. You Tube is the devil I swear haha!


Monday, December 04, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: Boulevard 1994

Pretty young Jennefer (Kari Wurher) is on the run from her abusive husband J-Rod (Joel Bissonnette). With nowhere to turn, she resorts to sleeping on the cold streets of downtown Toronto. Jennefer is approached by a prostitute named Ola (Rae Dawn Chong) who lets her stay at her home for the evening. The two ladies become fast friends and both discuss the reasons that led to their current situations. Jennefer questions Ola about the life of a prostitute and Ola sternly warns her against the lifestyle, but Jennefer desperately needs money to get a place of her own to regain custody of her daughter. While hanging out with Ola in the red light district, they run into brutal pimp Hassan (Lou Diamond Philips). Hassan approaches Jennefer but she is shielded by Ola and warns him to stay away from her. In the meantime, her psycho husband J-Rod is in hot pursuit and determined to find her. While searching for Ola one evening, Jennefer runs into Hassan and is tricked into going home with him. Once Ola finds out about the tryst, she gets really angry and storms out of the house. Lo and behold, after much strong-arming and threatening, J-Rod has found out Jennefer’s whereabouts. Now a streetwalker herself, she must protect herself from sadistic pimp Hassan and her abusive husband J-Rod. No more spoilers from y’all!

This movie is about as craptastic as you can get…and I LOVED every minute of it! In one film you have tranny and female prostitutes, a psycho husband, crackheads, hot girl-on-girl action, and an over the top pimp ….this had me hooked at “Hello”. Rae Dawn Chong is seriously slept on as an actress, poor thing is relegated to doing shitty films that come on during the twilight hours. I loved the gritty scenes of downtown Toronto and the pimp’s uber-fabulous apartment. Lou Diamond Phillips really went overboard in his role of the pimp, he was so ridiculous it was a riot. His goatee, backwards cap, and silver cane made me howl with laughter. I’m sure this film was not made to score any awards..it was made to simply entertain and that’s exactly what it did. Contains nudity, violence, and strong language.

VERDICT: 3 Soul Claps


Friday, December 01, 2006


D'Angelo is artistically brilliant. His first cd was his best in my opinion. I really miss his music and will be very grateful when he graces the world with new material. Lady is my absolute favorite D'Angelo song. The video is great because the entire scenario seems realistic. The girl in the video is really pretty and really regular, instead these human unicorn fantasy women we see in videos today.



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