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The Musings of an Eccentric Diva

Welcome to the Musings of an Eccentric Diva. My motto is: Giving Hollyweird movies the finger one movie at a time. Enter at your own risk (insert evil Vincent Price laughter here).

COOL 70's DUDE: Billy Dee Williams

Sexy, suave, and sophisticated all begin with the letter "S'".....and they all describe Billy Dee to a "T". Billy Dee was the man you contacted when a movie role called for a sexy, suave, and sophisticated leading man. Along with his movie star looks he also had a voice that was smooth as silk. His signature moustache and wavy hair were his calling cards as well. I know many ladies swooned at the mere sight of this man. As a young girl, I was instantly thrown into a trance any time he appeared onscreen. Billy Dee played in many great films in the 1970's but his career began as far back as 1959! His most famous role to date is Lando Calrissian in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back. The script writers even blessed him with one of the coolest names in Star Wars history IMO for that film role, I'm sure there were a lot of little boys named "Lando" around that time period haha. In the 80's Billy Dee did several commercials and printwork for Colt 45 Malt Liquor, making him one of the coolest cult figures due to the cheesiness of the spots. Billy Dee continues to work steadily in film and TV to this very day.

Noteworthy Films:
Brian's Song-1971
Lady Sings The Blues-1972
The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings-1976
Scott Joplin-1977
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back-1980
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi-1983
Fear City-1984
The Jacksons: An American Dream-1992
Undercover Brother-2002

Film info courtesy of IMDB

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